How can we help TLs?

Technology is your Tool?

When trying to recruit the best talent, how can you without the proper equipment or support? With ReppertFactor, not only can we help with the support, but we can also provide pre-support. What does that mean? What happens when you have a big team that is worried about coming over? What happens if the company that they are coming from is holding their data hostage? That is where we come in. We can reach out to the agents whom you are trying to bring in and work with getting their data or having a plan to get them migrated to your office.

Who We Are

ReppertFactor is a full service, service based IT company that supports companies and individuals with their technology needs. We support over 200+ companies from CT to CA to FL, and have been servicing companies since founded in 2002. We currently manage networks in TX, AL, PA, NJ, DE, NY, CT, MA, VA and CA.

Our primary business is the maintenance of office networks and the offloading of user IT concerns to our help staff instead of the offices managers. This allows companies to focus on growth and building their business instead of backend and user problems. However, we also offer ground up implementations from running the wires for internet, to configuring and installing printers on a computer, to cloud services, and everything in between.

ReppertFactor is also one of the few IT Companies in the country that has an internally developed help support website and network authentication software.

RF and KW

As for Keller Williams, we currently support over 90+ Keller Williams’s offices. We know about the rules and technology requirements for Keller Williams. KW Angels know us and we have a great reputation for working directly with the Angels to resolve technology issues. We know other technologies other than just IT. We are often a sound board for phones, copiers and other technologies.