MCA Resources


Being in 90+ Market Centers we have seen our fair share of issues with KW technology. We understand that you, the MCA, can be the glue that keeps the Market Center running so our goal is to help offload your IT issues as much as possible.

How can we help you, the MCA?

We are fast and responsive to the needs of the MCA.

We know WinMORE & AccountEdge Technologies

We can cut you out of the middle when dealing with Computer “IT” issues

We implement backups - offsite as well as local backups every 3 minutes

We can advise in technologies such as phone systems or Internet Service Providers

We can help track printing charges so you never hear “I never printed that”

Agent Onboarding

Bringing on new agents can be a complicated and time consuming task. With one centralized form, Office Staff create a network user for each new agent, their own Help Ticket account, as well as copier access and an email address entry into the copier address book. Once the accounts are created, the office can hand the agent over to ReppertFactor and let us introduce the agent to the office technologies and how to receive support from us.

AccountEdge Upgrade & Year end Services

Year end and AccountEdge upgrades can always be a chore, but ReppertFactor can do the yearly upgrades to the AccountEdge software as well as setup your new year files for you. This is part of the service contract with ReppertFactor.


We are available to office staff outside of normal business hours. We take pride in getting to know the staff on a more personal level, and building our relationships beyond the office environment. We talk to the MCA quite frequently; not only to check in on office issues, but also to get a feel for how we can better meet their ever changing needs.

RFs multiple methods for getting support

ReppertFactor has many ways of providing support for your network and computer systems.

Phone Support

During normal business hours (8am to 5pm CST) we will support any client who calls our support hotline. A technician will work with you remotely or schedule a time to come to the site to service the computer if necessary.

Remote Support

Issues with computers come up and when a problem occurs, people want a quick fix. Once permission is granted, we can use software that allows a ReppertFactor team member to remotely control your computer and correct your problems over the internet.

Help Ticket System / Portal

The Help Ticket System is a centralized web based program that allows you easy access from any internet ready device to resolve your problems. Any user of the help ticket system can simply login, post a question or inquiry and be guaranteed a response within the allotted time frame.

The agents can use our support portal for any IT issue, whether for personal or professional use. We can offer solutions or help with malware, connectivity issues, printing, and disaster recovery, or offer recommendations on IT related purchases.

Office admins, such as the MCA, DoFI, or Team Leader have a more robust access to the system that allows them to view any tickets entered by their office to track issues entered by the agents. They are also able to add new agents into the system from this interface; giving them instant access to the network resources and common use PCs.

24/7 Emergency Support

24/7 Emergency support line for critical network issues. Need to restore a backup? WinMORE throwing an error and you’re in the middle of transmittal? We always have somebody on call to deal with your issues, even after hours.

Who We Are

ReppertFactor is a full service, service based IT company that supports companies and individuals with their technology needs. We support over 200+ companies from CT to CA to FL, and have been servicing companies since founded in 2002. We currently manage networks in TX, AL, PA, NJ, DE, NY, CT, MA, VA and CA.

Our primary business is the maintenance of office networks and the offloading of user IT concerns to our help staff instead of the offices managers. This allows companies to focus on growth and building their business instead of backend and user problems. However, we also offer ground up implementations from running the wires for internet, to configuring and installing printers on a computer, to cloud services, and everything in between.

ReppertFactor is also one of the few IT Companies in the country that has an internally developed help support website and network authentication software.

RF and KW

As for Keller Williams, we currently support over 90+ Keller Williams’s offices. We know about the rules and technology requirements for Keller Williams. KW Angels know us and we have a great reputation for working directly with the Angels to resolve technology issues. We know other technologies other than just IT. We are often a sound board for phones, copiers and other technologies.